About Better Value Invest


BetterValueInvest exists due to a need to express and mirror my thoughts on investing, with a specific goal of continuous improvement as an investor.

What will one find from the Better Value Invest -site:

Who is behind the posts and Better Value Invest:

    1. An entrepreneurially driven investor
    2. Active mostly among listed companies
      • Spending the most of time finding investment opportunities around developed European stock markets
      • Also some time spent among other developed markets, but less among less developed financial markets
    3. Looking for companies trading dramatically below their perceived intrinsic value
      • Preferring a good company over a turnaround or a “cigar butt”, as in good companies more often increase in value over time, thus making value correction less of a relevant factor in return formation
      • Not willing to pay for growth, however, placing value for sustainable long term growth in valuation when the growth is perceived as value adding
      • Higher uncertainty in measuring intrinsic value or potential outcomes require higher discounts to perceived intrinsic value
    4. Conducting bottom up security analysis
      • Do not believe to have an edge in macro forecasting
      • Like to select the “playing field” to such that can honestly believe to have an edge
        • Small companies with little investor interest/coverage
        • Companies trading in “wrong” exchanges
        • Companies with complex business models or significant changes in business
        • Companies in odd business where mainstream investor lacks understanding (i.e. affiliate marketing in online gambling)
        • Companies in weak/contracting industries but with strong value addition driven business understanding (i.e. great management)
        • Clear supply demand imbalances of a company’s stock (i.e. spinoffs, dividend outs etc.)

Better Value Invest’s portfolio